I'm liking these discussions!

I have done some refactoring, such as attempting to 'factor out' common conditions (sometimes a matching instruction, but also commonly the operand types).  Sometimes I choose not to factor - for example, sometimes I try to compute relatively cheap conditions first and delay things like GetNextInstruction for as long as possible due to its relative slowness (stepping through a linked list).

Pattern matching ideas do sound good honestly - it would especially be good for simple, 2-instruction optimisations, say. That's definitely somehing I want to try somewhere.


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My slight concern is that the x86 peephole optimizer is becoming pretty bloated now

An alternative could be to specify the peephole optimizations in a pattern matching format, and then either write a tool that converts them to a bunch of if-then-else statements, or interpret this format directly in the compiler.

Or maybe predicting branch taken  taking more into consideration than which node of if..then..else it is.

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