That is not a very good IntroSort to be honest. It is missing using InsertionSort for small numbers and it does not do the median-of-3 pivot selection.

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I just need to touch on the knowledge base.  What tests exist that test the functionality of rtl/inc/sortbase.pp?  As Olly suggested, I'm looking at creating Introsort for this unit as well, but I need to know if such a unit already exists or if I need to make my own.

But IntroSort is already implemented in packages/rtl-extra/src/inc/sortalgs.pp. It's just not the default sorting algorithm, because it breaks existing code that implements an incorrect comparison function. E.g. if you pass a function that returns a<b=true and b<a=true, or a<b=false and b<a=false, the behavior will change, when you change the algorithm. This even broke Lazarus, it caused it to hang on startup.

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Also, since Olly mentioned that the unit is used in TStringList, it makes me wonder if the RTL has a radix sort algorithm available, since radix sort is on the order of O(n) and is ideal for sorting large arrays of strings (although it can be memory-intensive).


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