Graeme Geldenhuys <> wrote:

> News just in....  M$ has bought GitHub.
> What a sad day it is. It seems that one day the whole Internet will be
> owned and run my four companies: Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.
> I guess I'll be doing what the Free Pascal project has done all along...
> Host my own repositories and bug tracker. Less sh*t and in full control
> or my work.
> I've had plans to move many of my projects off SourceForge to GitHub
> because of SourceForge's performance problems and frequent outages. Now
> that plan will NOT happen and I'll most likely start hosting my own
> public repositories instead.

Or you can move to GitLab, which offers similar features in many ways.

A big advantage is also that it's open-source, so instead of creating your
project on, you can host your own GitLab instance. Like Debian
is doing with . There are Docker images with ready GitLab
and dependencies, to make it easy.

Personally, I'm "cautiously not panicking" :) I'll continue to use a mix of
GitHub and GitLab (with most public stuff on GitHub). Microsoft today is
doing open-source, working with Linux... It's no longer the aggressive M$
from "Ballmer era" and earlier. Maybe things will be OK (and if not, moving
is easy :) ).



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