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    News just in....  M$ has bought GitHub.


    What a sad day it is. It seems that one day the whole Internet will be
    owned and run my four companies: Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.
    I guess I'll be doing what the Free Pascal project has done all along...
    Host my own repositories and bug tracker. Less sh*t and in full control
    or my work.

    I've had plans to move many of my projects off SourceForge to GitHub
    because of SourceForge's performance problems and frequent outages. Now
    that plan will NOT happen and I'll most likely start hosting my own
    public repositories instead.

Or you can move to GitLab, which offers similar features in many ways.

A big advantage is also that it's open-source, so instead of creating your project on gitlab.com <http://gitlab.com>, you can host your own GitLab instance. Like Debian is doing with salsa.debian.org <http://salsa.debian.org> . There are Docker images with ready GitLab and dependencies, to make it easy.

The Gitlab docker image is suboptimal. There are inexplicable resource consumption peaks when we use ours at work, even when the machine is idle. It's inept to put an entire system in another one when you can already install a basic git service with a web server and tools of your choice for a limited effort.


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