On 2018-06-07 09:01, el es wrote:
> If you have time to manage your own hosting server* AND do the programming 
> work
> AND have life/hobbies/family outside of work... wow... for others in many 
> cases 
> it's more like 'choose any 2' choice.

Like I said, I already have a public facing server in place. Adding
public read-only git repos to the mix is two simple steps:

1. Run 'git daemon' to give users read-only access via the git://
protocol, which by the way is the simplest option and way faster that
via the http:// protocol. It's a single command line to make multiple
repos available.


2. Open port 9418 on your firewall.

Job done.

Like I said, there is NO need for other services, tools, user access and
all that fuss.


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