On 30/05/2019 8:09 pm, Anthony Walter wrote:
> What about fpGUI? Are you going to hand that project off as well?

No, I still have some features I want to implement and get the "develop"
branch into a more stable state for a v2.0 release. Plus I have many
fpGUI based applications I will still continue to maintain, as I use
them on a daily basis. Somewhere in the future I'll re-evaluate my
plans, but for the foreseeable future I'm enjoying fpGUI development and
experimenting with new ideas and widgets. I obviously welcome more
community support and contributions for fpGUI, and if I see somebody
with the necessary skills and drive I'll happily offer them commit access.

At the moment I'm only looking for a new tiOPF maintainer/leader to take
that project further.

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