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Switching to fpc-other, since this is certainly not on-topic on fpc-devel...

if gmail can determine that a message coming in from a list is one you sent, it does not pass it on back to you... there's no way to turn this off that i've found... they want you to use their interface to read conversations and your sent message is included in there slotted in where it should be...
I see my own messages both on the GMail Android app as well as Thunderbird.

that's weird... i pull my gmail via pop3 in to my tbird and never get
any of my list posts back... i'm on 10+ lists... some with this
account and others with my gmail... the gmail account never sends back
my messages when i pop them...

I guess that this may be due to your GMail configuration - if you have your own messages in GMail moved to folder Sent automatically (even though they're not Sent via the GMail UI), those messages may not be available for POP3.

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