On 6/16/19 8:36 PM, Tomas Hajny wrote:
On 2019-06-17 02:05, wkitt...@windstream.net wrote:
that's weird... i pull my gmail via pop3 in to my tbird and never get
any of my list posts back... i'm on 10+ lists... some with this
account and others with my gmail... the gmail account never sends back
my messages when i pop them...

I guess that this may be due to your GMail configuration - if you have your own messages in GMail moved to folder Sent automatically (even though they're not Sent via the GMail UI), those messages may not be available for POP3.

i'm not looking for the ones i send out from my tbird to be pulled back in... they are already in my local tbird's sent box... it is the ones that the list sends back that i'm looking for...

yes, i have the list configured to send my own messages back to me... why? so they will be placed in the folder for the list in question so i can read down the messages and see what i sent as well as what others wrote...

think of the old BBS days and QWK offline mail where you upload your messages to the BBS and then download a new QWK packet... if the QWK door is configured to send your messages back, you'll get those you just uploaded as well as the new ones everyone else wrote... this way everything is all together in the one packet...

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