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> On 6/17/19 1:52 AM, Sven Barth via fpc-other wrote:
> > I use IMAP, so that could also be part of the explanation...
> i had a feeling that you were using IMAP... most folks these days do use
> it... i
> never liked it because 1) it puts more load on the server and 2) unless
> you take
> special care to make sure the messages are pulled to your device, they may
> be
> lost if the server has a problem and backups can't be restored somehow...

I seriously doubt that Google's servers can't deal with that additional
load. 😝
Also I never had to configure my Thunderbird in any special way to have the
messages fully on my system...

Main advantage of IMAP: it doesn't matter with which computer I check my
mails and I have multiple ones that have that account set up. 😁


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