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<wkitt...@windstream.net> schrieb am Mo., 17. Juni 2019, 14:44:

    On 6/17/19 1:52 AM, Sven Barth via fpc-other wrote:
     > I use IMAP, so that could also be part of the explanation...

    i had a feeling that you were using IMAP... most folks these days do use
    it... i never liked it because 1) it puts more load on the server and 2)
    unless you take special care to make sure the messages are pulled to your
    device, they may be lost if the server has a problem and backups can't be
    restored somehow...

I seriously doubt that Google's servers can't deal with that additional load. 😝


Also I never had to configure my Thunderbird in any special way to have the messages fully on my system...

because most default to using IMAP these days... when you say "fully on your system", do you mean that you can disable your modem and still access and read all your mails?? that's what we look at...

Main advantage of IMAP: it doesn't matter with which computer I check my mails and I have multiple ones that have that account set up. 😁

right... that is/was one of the things that IMAP was created for... another unspoken one was to drive storage needs up which helped to drive the storage industry as well...

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