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Just curiosity:

I recently see a lot of great efforts to make things more widely available (language server / debug adapter).

Often with reference to use in VSCode.

I wonder what the advantage or usecases are for using VSCode as an IDE?

- free and open source
- cross platform
- easy to setup
- support for a wide range of languages (syntax highlighting, the language servers) and environments (e.g. there's Arduino support which is leagues better than that of the Arduino IDE) - if the language server is implemented well then good code completion as well

So matter of taste?
Same as some people prefer eclipse?

It's more lightweight than eclipse. And being written in JavaScript instead of Java it might feel easier accessible for people wanting to write extensions...

I was wondering how it compares (if used with FPC) to Lazarus. (Not saying that Lazarus has a monopoly, just interested in knowing the diffs)
I.e., maybe it offers some features that Lazarus does not have?

By itself it's very weak for Pascal code. However there is the OmniPascal extension that provides support for compiling Delphi and Lazarus projects and also provides a language server (it's more geared towards Delphi language than FPC's syntax however). It does however not provide a visual form designer.

TMS also provides their TMS Web Core for VSCode including a form designer (they probably created a form designer using their Web VCL).

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