Hello everyone this is Joanna

I discovered fpc and Lazarus around 2014. Before that I was involved with 
online gaming and programming bots.

I have been creating projects with fpc using Lazarus ide for a long time. 
Pascal is the only language I use so I have no other languages to fall back 
upon if the fpc project were to disappear.

I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am that fpc and Lazarus were created. I 
think that there are far too many people who take the work that the developers 
do for granted and never think about all the long hours of their spare time 
that they have donated to the project.

I want the developers to live happy stress free lives so that they can continue 
writing good code. I wish that there was a way for me to protect the developers 
from grief and wasted time caused by orchestrated drama from malicious people 
with bad intentions.

Fpc should be enthusiastically promoted on all possible platforms and places to 
enable more people to discover and use it.

IRC is a good place to promote fpc because irc is a protocol which allows 
people to choose their own clients as well as not requiring email or cell 
phone. People can and have created their own irc clients using fpc!! Where else 
can you do that?

I know it isn’t always easy but I want to do what is best for the #fpc 
community, even if it takes some extra effort on my part. The #fpc channel and 
people in it represent the fpc project. Every word sent to the channel reflects 
not only upon our community, but upon me as well.

We need more people who can help improve the channel. I staunchly believe that 
only people who are willing to both learn pascal and do projects with it are 
qualified to represent this amazing compiler written in pascal.

I firmly believe that the discourse in the channel should be controlled by 
humans who belong there. The Internet has hundreds of thousands of places to 
chat about all sorts of things. The number of places where we can chat about 
using pascal without being ridiculed are few and far between.

We have a right to talk about fpc/pascal related things and socialize without 
being interrupted,bothered, surveilled or harrassed by non pascal users who 
have a lot more choices of places to go than we do.

Once again I cordially invite all pascal programmers who can abide by the 
channel rules to join us.
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