Mattias Gaertner wrote:
AFAIK the main reason, why the gtk interface for the LCL was started, was
simply, that the devels had experience with gtk, but no one had experience
with wxWindows.

I'm stretching my memory here but as Marco indicated, wxWindows wasn't mature at the time. Also if I remember it didn't deal with signals well at all. Secondly at that time it did not support GTK. It only supported Windows and some Xt and Motif.

It is also written in and for C++. Sooooo this is what we would have been doing.

The LCL needs to be not only widget set independent but platform independent. If we wrote the LCL just to wsWindows then we would eliminate the possibility of using Lazarus on other platforms that FPC supported. So we made an abstraction layer between the LCL and the GUI widget set being used. So using wxWindows for GTK would mean.

LCL -> LCL/interface -> C++ wrapper -> wxWindows -> GTK+

Not only would we have to write the interface for wxWindows but it would have to be a wrapper around C++ since FPC doesn't support C++ directly. Alot of extra work instead of going directly to GTK. Besides as I stated wxWindows didn't support GTK at the time. This would have been wxWindows 1.0 and you can still see what it supported by going to the their web site.

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