Reinier Olislagers wrote:

Forum user ocye got mipsel binaries, but the ELF flags apparently need
to be changed due to a bug in older Linux kernels.

How can this be done?
In addition, is there perhaps a compiler switch to manage this?
Interesting, there was somebody in (I think) fpc-devel a few months ago
with similar problems but we all rather went in circles.

Since Lemote appears to be using the compiler OK and since I think I've
had it running on (a Qemu emulation of) mipsel, I think that the problem
is that /some/ kernel builds are expecting a particular ELF header on
/some/ machine types.
Correct. The forum thread links to a thread re failing executables using
gdd where it appears that (certain?) 2.4 and 2.6 kernels did *not* want
the MIPS flag set.

If OP could identify the correct parameter for ld
it might be possible to use fpc's -k option.

Ok, so we have to dig into ld. Thanks; will pass it on.

There might be something in that will help since it includes the command lines I used for the cross-compilers etc., finding out what variants of binutils could be built was the hardest part.

I was hoping to be able to test the MIPS etc. targets on a fairly regular basis, but Qemu (running on the systems available here) quite simply turned out to not be fast enough, and I'm struggling to find time to revisit getting an SGI system running for big-endian work.

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