polYdev release 1.0 is ready to download.

polYdev is a multiarch FreeBSD 10.3 operating system.

Thanks to his emulators, polYdev is able to compile and run applications for
FreeBSD 64/32, Linux 64/32 and Windows 32 bit.

No virtual machines needed, the compilations are fast and use the native
compiler of each system.

polYdev is shipped/configured with fpc 3.0.0 for FreeBSD 64/32, Linux 64/32,
and Windows 32 bit.

Here how to install polYdev:

- Download the release from here: 

  This is the key Mega will ask:

- Load and run the iso.

- If you use a virtual machine, 2 gigas of ram are needed.

- When the system is installed on device, install programs via menu "Install
  This will install fpc and all the needed libraries for poly-compiling.

- In /usr/local/share/ideu/prj_test_multisys/, there are demos of fpGUI and
MSEgui poly-system.

  You may test it with ideU, all is pre-configured.
  The source of all fpc fpGUI and MSEgui applications in the disto are in

- Enjoy. 

Here fpc poly-sys in action:



Many thanks ;-)
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