On 2016-09-21 18:07, fredvs wrote:
> Hope somebody has understood.

I didn't actually see a question in your post. Are you saying FPC is at
fault or 64-bit FreeBSD is at fault? If the latter, I would raise the
issue in their web forums.

I would have expected a 64-bit FreeBSD system to have different search
paths, but consistent library naming. For example (this is just an
example, I don't know if this really exists):

  /compat/linux/lib          <---|
  /compat/linux/user/lib/    <---+- denotes 32-bit by default (could
                                    be other way round too)
  /usr/local/lib/            <-- denotes 64-bit on 64-bit FreeBSD OS.
  /usr/local/lib32/          <-- 32-bit FreeBSD libraries


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