Ryan Joseph wrote:
> I’m doing some tests with SDL and I’d like to build the program to work on 
> Windows. I’d like to to automate the build with a script but I can’t seem to 
> figure out even the basics of how to make this work (I develop on Mac). I 
> used Lazarus briefly but it seemed easier to just run a single FPC command 
> and make the package by hand (I’m emulating Windows also so it’s kind of hard 
> to use and this scripts are easier).
> Is there a little tutorial that I could follow to build a windows program 
> from the command prompt? After searching for an hour I still can’t even 
> figure out how to open FPC in the command prompt and this is coming from a 
> UNIX user. ;)

FPC is installed by default in c:\fpc, I think. The compiler binaries
are somewhere under there (c:\fpc\bin\win32 or so?). I think our
installer adds this directory to your PATH by default under Windows, so
you should be able to use the compiler in a command line window just
like on OS X/macOS.

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