I keep getting 'Program generated a signal 291.  Save your sources and restart 
the IDE.'  Errors with the FPC IDE.  I'm using version 3.0.4RC1 on a Windows 10 
x64 system.  It's just a normal stock installation, but I have it installed on 
my J: drive which is a network share on a NAS system.

Here are some screen shots I grabbed real fast before it terminated

This is happening fairly often, 4-5 times a day.   The thing that seems to 
trigger it is task switching back to it.. for example if I go over to my 
browser and look up some function I wish to use, then click back on the FPC IDE 
window,  the instant I click on it, this error pops up.   There is no way to 
save anything, because I can't use the pull down menus or do any thing else, 
except hit OK and then the IDE terminates leaving 5 groups of 
Runtime Error 291 a $0078D46C as shown in the second screen shot.

I also sometimes get a message about 'Browser info not found'  or something to 
that effect on occasion but I don't know why... normally it happens when I am 
clicking in the IDE to re-position the cursor.. and once it gets in this mood 
it happens constantly until I exit it and restart it, then it acts normal 
again, letting me click to position the cursor without error.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?   I really prefer the 
text IDE to any other method with FPC.


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