On 12/08/17 07:00, Martin Schreiber wrote:

MSEgui uses xlib by the units in packages/x11. The linker searches for
libX11.so which is not installed on most systems by default so one has to
install the libx11 devel package or manually create a symlink libX11.so ->
libX11.so.6 in order to compile MSEgui applications.

That is why it is called a devel package: you need it if you develop programs that use this library. That is how development works on Unix systems. We nor you can change that.

Some users are unable to cope with this or give up with the
comment "MSEide+MSEgui does not work on my system".

You can ask Linux distributions to make the MSEide+MSEgui package dependent on the x11 devel package. And maybe add some check in your own installation script as well, if you have one (or in the startup of the IDE).

Is it possible to add libX11.so.6 to the list of searched files for "X11"
externals without using dlopen/dlsym?

That would be wrong.

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