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I have list of objects which contains references to other objects.
I need to save all these objects to harddisk to be restored on a latter day.

I know how to stream the data fields of these objects to a TFileStream but
the tricky part is these how to restore the object references.

The only way I can think of is to assign unique IDs to each objects and
store these IDs to file.
When these objects are later restored, I used these IDs find the actual
objects and re-assign them back to the object references.

It is tedious. Is there a smarter way?

Also, there are some TNotifyEvent fields  e.g. OnClick, OnClose etc.  How
do I save and restore them from file?

Many thanks in advance.

If your objects inherit from TComponent and you use published properties
you can use the streaming screen of the RTL.

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