On 19/02/18 03:21, Ryan Joseph wrote:
Maybe SDL has a bug then because glGetString should never crash.

glGetString is not an SDL function, but an OpenGL framework version.

When are the land Load_GL_VERSION_XXX functions meant to be called in the 
pipeline? I was calling them before the openGL context is created (which works 
except for 3.x on the old MacBook) but I just tried calling Load_GL_VERSION_3_0 
after the context was created and I got some random errors from OpenGL 
functions (Load_GL_VERSION_2_1 in a legacy context did work however).

It's invalid to call glGetString before a context has been created, since it returns information about the context: https://www.khronos.org/opengl/wiki/OpenGL_Context#Context_information_queries (or https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6288759/why-could-glgetstringgl-version-be-causing-a-seg-fault )

My guess is that the Load_GL_VERSION_3_3x() function is broken since it appears to call glGetString before a context has been created, and that it just happens to work on some (most?) implementations by pure chance.

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