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On Wed, 11 Apr 2018, Luca Olivetti wrote:

El 11/04/18 a les 13:59, Tobias Giesen ha escrit:

personally I use this 64 bit emulation:

For my purpose I'm perfectly happy with GetTickCount. I'd understand the deprecation if GetTickCount64 would be a reliable substitute. It isn't.

Only on XP. On all other platforms, it is the better solution.

It depends. If you just want to keep track of intervals less than 49 days, GetTickCount is perfectly good (provided you cast the difference between the current tick and the previous one to dword) *and* it works on XP (which, unfortunately, I still have to support).
I see no reason to deprecate it.

BTW, advancedipc.pp uses

  until (GetTickCount64-xStart > aTimeOut);

so it could hang if used in windows XP.

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