On Thu, 13 Feb 2020 at 13:26, Adriaan van Os <f...@microbizz.nl> wrote:
> I looked around on the web for OpenCV Pascal bindings. What I found, seems to 
> be based (mostly) on
> the OpenCV C interfaces, which covers only part of OpenCV.
> Alternatives are:
> 2. Hook into the Python wrapper/bindings generator ....>

I think using the python/java generator is the only way to make
anything that resembles a complete binding.  As an intermediate step I
hoped that the generated C bindings could be run through h2pas, but
h2pas has never worked without manual tinkering for me.  In the long
run a class-based binding would be great to have.  I've been meaning
to look into this, but digging through thousands of lines of python is
not my idea of fun.

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