Well, I work with what THEY have. Not with what I have. They work with the
budget they have.

It's one night a week for ten weeks. If you know Frame6, there's nothing
surprising in any other version. If I was an employer, I'd treat the
students the same as those that learned on Frame8. Give them a quick test
with one of my computers.

If the school upgrades, I'll upgrade my materials. But really, it'll just be
screenshots to change. The basics haven't changed one bit.

And in the end, I'm really only doing it as a hobby. Two sessions in (one a
year), and I doubt I'm even half way to minimum wage considering non-class


On 9/21/07, John Sgammato <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >...Seems like I should pester the administration where I teach
> Framemaker.
> > They only have version 6.
> > Then again, I'd have to revamp my course. lol.
> Not that it's any of my business, but ...
> don't you think the school and the teacher should make the effort to get
> at least to 7.2?
> I don't know that I would consider a grad with Frame 6 skills a serious
> competitor as far as tools go.
> And as a potential student, I would not be impressed with a school that
> teaches FrameMaker 6 today.
> john

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