I am using Frame 8p277 on Windows XP Pro, SP3.

I have a text inset source document with 19 different text insets
(each in their own named flow).

I am using these text insets in a container document a total of 123
times (yep, lots and lots and LOTS of duplication). One inset is used
28 times, another is used only once. The rest vary in number of

Many of these text insets contain cross-references to locations within
the same text inset.

The text inset source document is NOT in the same directory as the
container document, although it is "close by".

When I import by reference into the document and regenerate to update
the TOC and the cross-references, I get multiple unresolved
cross-reference errors from the document with all the text insets. The
cross-references are also not updating properly. Within the inset, the
step is number 2, but within the container document, it should be
number 3.

I know there are issues with cross-references and text insets, but I
thought that was when you were trying to use a cross-reference from
the container document to something within the inset, or from within
the inset to something in the container document. These are from the
inset to another location in the same inset.

I can, if necessary, convert all the insets to text and regenerate
just prior to creating the final PDF, but obviously I'd rather avoid

Can anyone help me resolve these cross-references?

Lin Sims

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