Hi All,
I had previously discovered this bug on the initial TCS 2.0 version of
FM 9 (and reported it to Adobe), and thought I should test it again on
the latest patch version that just came out.
Bad news is - it's still broken. Here's the details on the error:
I created an Index marker with Marker Text in the format "main
heading:sub heading:sub sub heading" (e.g. Australia:Animals:Koalas) in
one of my FM docs. This doc belongs to a book, that in turn belongs to 1
master book of books. When you run Update Book on this master book to
create a MasterIX, it will create an error.
After I submitted my FM project files to Adobe Support, they were able
to reproduce the crash. It's got something to do with the nested nature
of the "book of books" because a normal 3 level deep index entry is
created fine when just doing it in a book with one document in it.
Just thought I should let others know what the progress of this issue
Jeff Coatsworth
Documentation Specialist
Gary Jonas Computing Ltd.
905-886-8511 (fax)

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