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> Lin Sims wrote:
>> I get it whenever I update a paragraph format with the property
>> "Across all columns and side heads" turned on.
>> Both Master Pages have side-heads turned on.
> Lin,
> there's still a difference between Master Pages having the side-heads turned
> on and the Page Layout > Column Layout having this feature turned on. So if
> you're using a layout that allows being globally set by the column layout
> parameters, just open the column layout and enable sideheads there. THEN the
> document knows what to do with corresponding paragraph formats.

The body page layout does indeed have side heads enabled. The document
was created from a template that was set up (both master & body pages)
with side heads defined and enabled.

The flow names are correct.

There doesn't appear to be any stray text or graphic frames on any of
the document's master or body pages.

Fixing the text inset (where I had pages with two flows overlaying
each other) also didn't help.

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> Bernd
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Lin Sims

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