You just have to kill off the original sender's e-mail & slap on the address (at least that's whet I do) 

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Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2010 4:47 PM
To: Jeff Coatsworth
Subject: [Free Framers] RE: Change bars for multiple revisions

Thanks, this gives my brain some directions to think in.

And yes, I fully agree on the message headers!  I always wind up accidentally 
replying only to the sender.


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I wrote:  
> But you can find by character format -- specifying Change Bar in the 
> Find Character Format dialog (everything else set to As Is) -- and 
> change to a different character format (such as Change Bar plus 
> Underline, or Blue, or ...), or change by pasting to a named character 
> tag (say, Rev. A) copied to the clipboard.

Finding by character format led my brain down the character format/tag path for 
the change, but you could use the same basic process (change by
pasting) to apply a condition to the Rev. A revisions. In fact, that might be 
preferable if you need to track multiple rounds of revisions.
You can define and apply multiple conditions, overlap them, and they're all 
still there. Can't do that with character tags, and the number of format 
changes available is pretty limited. 

BTW, does anyone else find this list's message addressing annoying? I'm 
responding to my own message, which, according to TO and FROM headers was sent 
by me to me. Thus Reply All addresses my response to me, and neither Seonaid 
nor the list is an addressee -- both have to be added manually. 

Annoying, I tell you, annoying. 

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