I'd be chugging too if I only had 2 GB of RAM! You're using Win7 64 bit for 
God's sake! Throw a whack of RAM at it - it can use it.

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Hello all,

I'm technical editor for IEEE 802.11REVmb,  this is a spec for a wireless LAN 
protocol,  and is current 2,600 pages in length.
The standard is a single book file comprising about 40 .fm files.  I'm using 
Frame 9 on Win 7 64 bit.

I have had two problems recently with this:

1.       Slow operation with large files.

2.       Slow compare operation.

The process we go through in IEEE standards is that large chunks of 
contributory material (called amendments)
are prepared and approved elsewhere.  Then I get to roll in the change.   The 
last two amendments were 400
and 200 pages in length,  consisting of a mixture of straight additional 
material and marked up changes.

Two files in particular have grown a lot recently.   One is a 50/50 mix of text 
and tables.   The other is pure text.
They are both about 400 pages in length each.  (The source with text/tables is 
4MB in length,  the other one is 2MB).

Recently operations have slowed down.  Frame has started running out of memory 
(screen not rendering properly,
using a system font instead of proper font) when doing lots of work in the 
mixed file.     Cross-reference operations
(the bane of my life) take forever (i.e.,  10s user-interface response to any 
key,   30s pause after adjusting xref).

I have to prepare a "redline" document,  which I do by a book compare with a 
previous release.    With these files
of this length,  and a substantial number of operations,  this appears to be 
slowing down.   I killed one compare on
the purely text file after 4 hours of CPU time on a fast desktop machine.

I have split these files into 4 chunks,  and life has improved a lot.   OK,  
400 pages is a long file (in terms of could
I read it before bedtime),  but 4MB is not much compared with the memory that 
frame occupies (200MB) or the
amount of memory on my machine (2GB).

Have others observed this behaviour?   Am I missing any tricks in dealing with 
big files?

Best Regards,


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