It's not clear from my e-mail client if you're trying to bold the index entry, 
and just 1 of the page refs or both of them. I'd suspect that the marker text 
would have to be identical to consolidate the entries and bold them, but I have 
no idea how you would bold the page refs within the marker - I'd be more 
inclined to attack it from the IX ref page itself.

[] On Behalf Of Brad Anderson
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2011 12:03 PM
Subject: Index Entry Formatting


I'm trying to get an index to format entries in a special manner.   I can get a 
page number to bold in a list of entries without a problem.   However, I also 
want to bold the entry itself.   When I do this, I get 2 separate entries in 
the index.

For example, here's my desired output:

Adams, Geoffrey 3, 5

Here's how FrameMaker formats the index:

Adams, Geoffrey 5
Adams, Geoffrey 3

My entries look as follows:

Adams, Geoffrey[Adams, Jeff]<Bold>

<Bold>Adams, Geoffrey[Adams, Jeff]</Bold><Bold>

I've tried several variations of these.  I can get the page number entry to 
bold using the first method.  However, if I try to bold the entry itself, it'll 
end up as 2 entries in the index from the other entries that are not bolded.   
I can make the bolding with a FrameScript, just thought I'd check to see if 
someone's got this to work.




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