You saw Rick's confirmation that this is an FM10 bug, right? I've reported it 
to Adobe & I urge you to also - the more people who do, makes the response more 

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That was hard to explain. I believe the number is there, I can select something 
but I cannot see it. This is happening for chapters in the two books I've 

The FM10 version numbering and font settings are identical to the FM9 version, 
as far as I can tell.

I did try saving the FM10 version to MIF 10 format but the number is still 

Thanks for the ideas!

Joy Kocar, EIT
Training Materials Lead Engineer<>

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 9:23 AM, Combs, Richard 
<<>> wrote:
Joy Kocar wrote:

> I just upgraded to FrameMaker 10. I open a file in FM10 and my chapter
> number does not appear. The space is there for it but I simply do not
> see it. I close the file without saving, then open it in FM9 on the
> same machine and voila, it is there again. Coincidentally my computer
> was rebuilt to Windows 7 (hard drive was failing) but I wouldn't expect
> it to matter since I opened both FM versions on the same machine.

Not sure what "The space is there" means. What matters is what's in Paragraph 
Designer. Is the Autonumber Format (on the Numbering tab) still correct, i.e., 
unchanged by the conversion?

Assuming it is, what about the numbering settings for the file? How do they 
compare with the same settings pre-conversion?

Here's a wild guess. If the file is one chapter in a book and normally gets its 
numbering from the book, when you open it standalone, the <$chapnum> variable 
usually retains the value it had the last time the book was updated. Maybe the 
conversion for some reason interferes with the ability to recall that previous 
value, and everything will be fine once the entire book is converted and 
updated. :-)

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