On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 12:21 PM, Scott Prentice <s...@leximation.com> wrote:
> Actually, the "Tool Search" page at leximation.com is here ..
>     http://leximation.com/toolsearch/
> I do try to keep it up to date, but I'm sure it's a bit behind. It's set up
> so that tool vendors/developers can update/add their own listings, but it
> looks like I may need to send some emails to encourage people to update
> things. Although this database lives on my site, the Tool Search area is
> completely vendor-neutral .. my tools are listed but not featured more
> prominently than any others.
> This database contains listings for FM plugins, FrameScripts, ExtendScripts,
> as well as other potentially useful tools and utilities. I'm happy to add
> most anything that's suggested.
> Lin .. when I set this up 8+ years ago, I used your spreadsheet as a
> starting point, so at this point it's likely that the database is a superset
> of your list. If you wanted to edit/update my database directly, I can set
> you up with access to do so (other than the entries that are directly
> managed by vendors), but if you'd prefer to maintain your own spreadsheet, I
> completely understand.

Did you really? I had no idea. I'm flattered. :)

I've thought for the last couple of years at least that your site was
more complete than my list, and it's got that lovely search tool, too.
My list was handy when your site didn't exist, but I have no need to
compete. It never occurred to me that people might still be interested
until someone asked me if I'd updated it lately. Then they wanted to
know why not, and I referred them to your site.

I suppose it's still useful if anyone wants on offline reference and,
as I said, if enough people ask I'll update and find a way to
distribute. So far, only two people have asked (and I think one
thought I was offering actual updates to the plugins, not to a PDF
document). I'm betting most people are getting their information from

If you're sure you trust me in your database then, sure, I'm willing
to give updating things a shot (although I warn you, it'll probably be
about as timely as my original update was ...). At the least, one of
us needs to update the ones that are no longer available, such as
Bruce Foster's plugins ...

I'm not really a database jockey, though, and I've never made a web
site, so I hope you have good documentation somewhere!

Lin Sims

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