It does, actually, but since we make sure that the text is black, it
doesn't LOOK like it's clickable. People are so accustomed to links
being blue and/or underlined that they never think to hover over text
that looks like all the other text. Social engineering at its finest.

Lin Sims

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 9:11 AM, David Artman <> wrote:
> |From: Lin Sims <>
> |Date: Tue, December 11, 2012 8:20 pm
> |
> |Where I work, we have a sort-of-similar issue, and we solved it by
> |using cross-references. It means you'll have to remember to check that
> |you're pointing to the right files if you add any new ones in, but it
> |beats typing everything in (and you'd have to manually update that
> |way, too).
> Lin, wouldn't that make it into a link, after PDFing? I'm assuming that
> one wants other xrefs to be live links and so one leaves that option
> checked in PDF Settings. If xrefs aren't automatically being made into
> links, that would work fine.
> Roger, can't you use the Volume value at the book level on the files(s)
> and then use that building block in the H/F? Or have you already used
> that building block for other purposes?
> As a final, hacky solution, you could make a super-stripped file (I use
> MIF editing to kill, like, EVERY catalog I can) and then have one of
> those files for each part, in which you define a Variable to carry the
> H/F text? That way, you could still use book-wide variables (in another
> blank file or in your main template) to apply "major" Variables and the
> part-level blank file to apply "minor" variables afterwards. Kind of
> manual, but not nearly so much as other methods.
> [I don't have/use FM9+, but it seems like setting the parts up as
> books-in-a-book would let you access other Numbering properties
> (Section, Sub-Section). So your 'part' text would be the "Chapter"
> values--with their para styles handling numbering via autonumbering--and
> then "Section" would handle your 'chapter' numbering in the
> book-in-book.]
> HTH;
> David

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