To all,

My coworker is running FrameMaker 11.0 and is frustrated because twice this 
morning, FrameMaker crashed on his terminal (luckily creating recovery files, 

The warning pop-up window that displayed announcing this glorious impending 
shutdown stated "Internal Error 11014, 8122692, 8122986, 10866845. . . "

We have looked at the extremely cryptic error log file that was generated and 
course, it's as clear as mud to me.

Note that my coworker prefers to keep his book and all member chapter files 
open. He also prefers to embed all his graphics so the various chapter file 
sizes are MUCH larger than if the graphics were referenced. Thus, the following:

Title page with copyright page -- 835 Kb (no graphics)
TOC -- 870 Kb (again, no graphics)
Section 1 -- 4,740 Kb
Section 2 -- 8,720 Kb
Section 3 -- 14,983 Kb
Section 4 -- 45,815 Kb
Section 5 -- 22,066 Kb
Section 6 -- 53,033 Kb

For instance, Section 6 is 89  pages in length with all graphics (strictly line 
art) embedded and the  file size is 53,033 Kb (that's a little over 53 
megabytes). In a  previous version of this manual (when the graphics were 
referenced), the  file size was just a mere fraction of this (perhaps 20 Kb or 
30 Kb).

His computer is a "TRISTAR" pc, with an Intel Core2 Duo CPU, E8500 @ 3.16 Ghz, 
3.17 Ghz, 3.24 Gigabytes of RAM; running Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, 
Service Pack 3.

So the questions:

        * What do those internal error numbers specifically mean?
        * Is/are the error/errors caused by a hardware problem or a software 
-- Ken in Atlanta

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