It will also match head, head.1, head.2, ....

On 7/9/2013 3:47 PM, Scott Prentice wrote:
While we're on the subject .. an unfortunate tag searching issue happens if your tag names contain hyphens, and you try to use the "Whole Word" option. FM will match on partial tag names where search string matches a hyphen-delimited "word" in your tag name. For example, if you have tags named "head1" and "task-head1" .. and you search for "head1", it will match on both of the tags.


On 7/9/13 2:37 PM, Fred Ridder wrote:
I just confirmed that "Consider Case" really is active in tag searches--peculiar but true.

But since this is actually the case, you'd probably want to leave it OFF if you've got the kind of bad naming practices you mention.

If you tell FrameMaker to consider case, then you'd have to do *separate* searches for "italic" and "Italic" (and for "ITALIC" or any camel-case variations). But with "Consider Case" inactive, searching for "italic" return results for *any* instance of those 6 letters in that order *regardless of case*. Covering all permutations of upper-case and lower case letters in the name of a 6-letter tag would take 64 (2^6) separate searches with "consider case" ON, but only one search with "consider case" OFF.

-Fred Ridder


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