Due to the addition of 2 new contract writers and the replacement of the hard 
drive in an existing terminal in my department, we're now stuck with Windows 7 
FrameMaker 11 on those three platforms for the past month or so.

 it's been nothing but problems ever since, with unpredictable crashes on the 
desktop computers used by the two contract writers, even though all three 
FM 11 platforms have all the Adobe patches.

One thing which does seem consistent is that FM11 does not seem to work well 
with files located on our network server, yet that is really the method here. 
Symptoms may include _extremely_ long times to open, save and close files and 
MAY include the abovementioned FrameMaker crashes, though we have not yet 
confirmed that.

The "fix" is for the contract writers to copy files from our 4-terrabyte 
network drive onto external hard drives cabled to their terminals and for my 
coworker to copy files directly onto his computer's internal hard drive; then 
copy the revised file back into place in its location on the network drive. 

The two contract writer desktop computers have ridiculously internal small hard 
drives. (One is 29 megabytes and the other is 185 megabytes I've been told.)

Me? I'm happy as a 
clam with Windows XP and FrameMaker 8 working across the network with no FM 
crashes or other problems -- though I do have to suffer through the long times 
to open, save and close files because we now must embed all our graphics 
instead of referencing them. (I've boohoo'd about that here in the past, so 
I'll not repeat the faulty reasoning for it once again.)

But doom is in my 
future, as all four of us are soon to get new platforms with Windows 7 
and FM 11.

This I really dread.

Who else out there is having what seems to be incompatibility problems with 
platforms equipped with FM 11 and Windows 7 and how have you gotten around 
those problems?

Off-list accounts, etc, are fine.

-- Ken in Atlanta

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