David Millis wrote:

> I recently upgraded from Frame 7.2 to 11 and have found that some of my
> reference page elements didn't make the transition very well.
> I have 2-column, 1-row tables with "Note", "Important", or "Warning" in the
> first cell. These labels are non-anchored frames in the reference page and
> appeared just fine in Frame 7.2 body pages. In Frame 11, these labels are cut
> off so that when I insert one of these tables into the body, the "Note" label
> displays "No", "Important" displays "Import", and "Warning" displays "Warn".
> My question is 2-part: First, how do I adjust these unanchored frames in the
> Reference page so that when I insert a new one of these tables, the full word
> displays in the first cell?
> My second question is: Is there a way to "fix" all of the existing tables 
> globally
> that are already in the document so I don't have to manually stretch the first
> cell on every occurrence of these tables in each of my projects?

1. How did you use the reference page elements? Are they in a reference page 
flow that is linked to a paragraph style? Or did you just use the reference 
page as a convenient source to copy the table from every time you needed it. 

2. How do the tables get cut off? Are the cells smaller in FM11? Or has the 
text position in the cells changed so the text won't fit any more? 
Depending on what has happened, you may have to change the cell properties, or 
the paragraph style. 

Harro de Jong


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