I am using FrameMaker 9 on Windows 7. When I open a particular book, I get the 
classic 'unavailable fonts' error on many of the files (followed by 'unresolved 
cross-reference' errors, but for now I'm assuming the two are related). When my 
colleague opens the same book, he doesn't get any errors. Fair enough, our font 
setup might be a little bit different.

FM doesn't report which fonts are causing the problem in the message, so I took 
two files, one with the error and one without, and generated a list of fonts 
using Special > List Of > References. Both files contain exactly the same fonts 
so I can't isolate it to any font in particular. Indeed, the fact one has a 
problem with one of the fonts and the other doesn't makes me think the error 
itself may be incorrect.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea what I can do next? It seems 
to be one particular book causing the problem.
Checking the 'Remember Missing Font Names' option doesn't stop the problem from 

Thanks in advance.


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