Ok, I've found out why it was going wrong.

It seems that the first document in the book using chapnum has to have an 
override setting the chapnum to start at 1 (this document being the third in 
the book, after the cover and ToC).

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Alastair Dent wrote:
> I have documents that start with a tag called 'ChapTitle' and some 
> that start with Heading1.
> The reference pages are set up so that pages with 'ChapTitle' on them 
> will use the 'First' master page. This has a header with the chapter 
> number in it. Pages starting with Heading1 are Right/Left and don't 
> have a chapternumber
> Every file in the book is set to 'Continue Numbering from Previous 
> Chapter in book'.
> The chapter numbers increment correctly.
> The document with a Heading1 tag should show the numbering '3.1'. It 
> doesn't, it shows '4.1'.  The chapter number has incremented.
> Why is this?

It sounds like you've got two numbering systems going on. One uses <$Chapnum>, 
the other uses paragraph numbers instead.
You can influence the <$Chapnum> numbering with the Format-Document-Numbering 
dialog, tab 'Chapter'
You can influence the paragraph numbering with the Format-Document-Numbering 
dialog, tab 'Paragraph'.

Check the Numbering properties of the ChapTitle and the Heading1 paragraph 
tags. You should use the same numbering system in all para tags that have a 
paragraph number. 

Harro de Jong


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