4 years and counting…going back to a Win only machine is really not even a consideration.

I'm nearly due for another laptop. With video becoming more common, I find my MacBook Air mid-2011 edition needs more graphics power (producing video from Adobe Presenter slows it to a crawl, mostly due to video processing) and I'm limited to 4Gb RAM, which is split across both Mac and Win OS.

So, either a new Air (8Gb RAM, better video, better processor) or a MacBook Pro (likely) are a likely 2013 purchase.


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On Aug 15, 2013, at 10:08 AM, Craig Ede <craig...@hotmail.com> wrote:

I'm considering replacing my current windows laptop with a Mac laptop. I know that some framers are using Macs with the latest Adobe TCS software, and I would appreciate any brief comments on the benefits/hassles of working with TCS on a Mac and what contortions have worked best for you to make this work.
You can send comments to me offlist if you'd like, or post to the list if you think there is general value to the posting.
Thank you.

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