Hi Ed, 

instead of using "impsize" you could try "dpi". This
attribute would at least respect the ratio of the imported graphic file.

The definition of "dpi" in the attlist is:
<!--ignored if impsize specified-->
(as described in the STRUCTURE

It would also produce a kind of scaling:

A graphic file originally designed for 300 dpi would have a smaller
representation if "dpi" is set to 400.
Of course, all files should have
equivalent resolution settings. 

I don't know how FrameMaker will
handle a dpi-related "size" with a PDF, though...
I have only used this
for tiff files. 

Good luck - 

Tino H. Haida, Berlin 

Am 2013-08-15
02:28, schrieb Ed Nodland: 

> I have 130 images created in Illustrator
and saved as PDFs 
> In my XML I have image tags such as: 
> <img
impby="ref" impsize="1.0in 0.4in" position="inline" src="images1537.pdf"
> without the impsize attribute
> My Read/Write rules is 
element "img" { 
> is fm graphic element "mygraphic"; 
> attribute "src"
is fm property file; 
> attribute "width" is fm property width; 
attribute "height" is fm property height; 
> attribute "position" is fm
property position; 
> } 
> The images saved as PDF are larger than I
want. I can add impsize attributes to all of the image tags, but I'll
have to be careful to get the width-height ratio correct. 
Question: Is there a scale attribute to define and use or a similar
mechanism. Or, maybe someone knows how to produce scaled PDF outputs. 

> Thanks 
> Ed

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