Robert Bringhurst, Elements of Typographic Style, if anyone wants to spend a
weekend on the couch ...


> I have a fondness for Minion or Garamond. I think you can find a 
> free font that is similar to these. However, the cost is relatively 
> small, so purchase should be considered.
> The advantage if Minion and Garamond is that they both have a 
> relatively low height to width ratio, making them very readable. If 
> you opt for a free font, look for that. Avoid Times, it's narrow,
>  designed for newspaper columns.
> On Aug 15, 2013, at 17:22, "VLM TechSubs" 
> <> wrote:
> > Greetings everyone,
> >  
> > I?m working in FM 8, Win 7 x64 on a book that will be published this Fall.
I?ve now been asked to do the book design, in addition to most of the writing
and basic template design. The subject matter is primarily financial ? it?s a
book about the history of taxation. It?s not a scholarly work at all, but
rather one designed to ?wake up? American teens and young adults to some of
the issues involved. Footnotes are used here and there, but more for
explanation of background/details than in a traditional sense as references.
The book will be published in a standard 6x9 format, paperback.
> >  
> > All that having been said ? What are people?s favorite or recommended
fonts for such a project. And since this is being published on a shoestring
budget with a nonprofit/educational bent, suggestions of free fonts would be
most welcome.
> >  
> > Well, thanks in advance!
> >  
> > Best regards,
> > Elchanan
> > _______________________________________________
> > 


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