"As is" doesn't really *do* anything when you are applying conditions to 

It's really there as an indication that the selected text is not uniformly 
conditionalized. Some of the selection may have a condition applied while some 
of it is unconditional. Or there may be two (or more) conditions applied to 
different subsets of the selected text. When you're applying a specific 
condition, it's important to know whether you are about to clobber some other, 
(presumably) carefully applied conditionalization.

-Fred Ridder

From: alastair.d...@imgtec.com
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Subject: 'as is' option for conditional text
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 09:41:04 +0000

What does the ‘as is’ option do when applying conditional text?
Alastair Dent
Technical Author
Imagination Technologies Limited
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