Tino –


Thanks for your time, interest, and effort.  Unfortunately, I failed to include 
in my original posting that I must produce _separate_ .pdf files.  So, I still 
have the problem.


After I print the book to separate files, I check a link while all the files 
are in [WatchedFolder] \ out.  The links work great.  Unfortunately, after I 
move “BEGIN_HERE.pdf” into its place and the other files into their place, the 
links don’t work.


Please note that I’m posting this to the Frame-to-Acrobat list, too.



Dave Stamm

Information Engineer


From: Heiko Haida [mailto:i...@heiko-haida.de] 
Sent: 2013-08-23-Friday 11:31
To: Stamm, David-P45904; Framers
Subject: Re: Hypertext links not working


Hi Dave,

I just set up some files according to your description, with hyperlinks from 
each "target"-file to the others and back to the BEGIN_HERE.fm.

Well, I could see no problems within the files or in the pdf...

(My files are mainly local, but I also copied the folder to an external drive 
for the test.)

Just to make sure:

If "TargetA" is one example for a named hyperlink-destination in file 
"targetA.fm" (and so on...), and "BEGIN" is the named destination in the file 
"BEGIN_HERE.fm", the link options look like this:

Link from BEGIN_HERE.fm to the other files:        gotolink 
ABC_DEF/targetA.fm:TargetA     (...and so forth for B, C, and D)

Link from targetA.fm to targetB.fm:                    gotolink 

Link from targetA.fm back to BEGIN_HERE.fm:     gotolink ..//BEGIN_HERE.fm:BEGIN

I am enclosing my PDF, if you don't mind.

Good luck...

Tino H. Haida. Berlin




        Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1
        4 GB RAM
        64-bit operating system
        FrameMaker installed on workstation
        Folder and all files on a server on the local area network in 
accordance with corporate policy
        I am unable to consistently encode hypertext links among five files in 
one unstructured book.
        Here's how the files are arranged:
              NOTE:  The .book file and all the target files are "children" of 
folder \Abc_Def.  File BEGIN_HERE.fm is "sibling" of folder \Abc_Def and is to 
contain links to all four targets.
        Folder \Abc_Def
              File dir_Abc_Def.book
              File targetA.fm
              File targetB.fm
              File targetC.fm
              File targetD.fm
        File BEGIN_HERE.fm
        I moved File BEGIN_HERE.fm out of folder \Abc_Def because a recipient 
of the informational product (portable document format files) wants it that 
way.  I am using a character tag to constrain both the newlinks and gotolinks 
to small amounts of text.  Before I moved file BEGIN_HERE.fm out of folder 
\Abc_Def, crossreferences among all files worked flawlessly.
        My latest attempt has been to specify named destinations (for example, 
newlink dir_About.fm) and jumps to named destinations (for example, gotolink 
        In the source .fm files, these jumps work only a small part of the 
time.  In the deliverable .pdf files, they don't work at all.
        Dave Stamm
        Information Engineer



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