Here are a few more details in case others encounter this. When you print or
save as PDF from a .book file, FrameMaker encodes the links and destinations
as if you are making a single PDF file from the book. This is normally what
you want. In Dave's case, he wanted a separate PDF for each component in the
book. He used the built-in option for printing a separate file for each
component in the book. However, because you are printing (or saving) from
the .book file, FrameMaker still encodes the links as if you were making a
single PDF file.
The only way to get the individual component-to-component links to work is
to open and print (or save) each component individually, not from the .book
file. Obviously, if you have a book with many components, this can be a
tedious task. If you find yourself in this situation, I have a FrameScript
script that will save each component as PDF one-at-a-time from the book.
Fortunately, Dave's book only contains a handful of components.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you very

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.

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Subject: SOLVED: Hypertext links not working


Once again, Rick Quatro is credited with a "save."

The problem is that FrameMaker was resolving the hypertext links incorrectly
because I had had all the files in a .book and was printing the .book.  The
"fix" was to close the .book file, keep the files in their respective
places, encode the links as needed, and to save each file individually.
Problem solved.

Rick did mention the use of the MicroType TimeSavers plugin for FrameMaker,
but I have not yet succeeded in convincing "the powers who are" to let me
get it. 

Dave Stamm
Information Engineer


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