Actually, they disappear IN THE MIDDLE OF WORKING on a single document/book
or multiple documents, not just on close! What a sad state of user
interface affairs FM has fallen into. :-)

I now realize that the "workspace menu" everyone keeps referring to is
actually the button that reads "Authoring"!

And while I can restore most of what I want to be in there, for some reason
I can't get Object Properties back there, it only wants to exist as a
free-standing window/part of the designer (which also won't move into the
docked set). Sigh.

Thanks all,

On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 11:43 AM, Stuart Rogers <> wrote:

>  On 2013-Aug-27 2:12 PM, Karen Robbins wrote:
>  Hi Framers,
> Forgive me if I asked this before, I can't seem to locate a solution in my
> archives.
> This morning I opened Frame and my docked designers/palettes have all but
> disappeared.
> Yesterday, Find/Change, Replace Font, Marker, Paragraph, Character, Table,
> Object Properties, and a few others were docked together on my desktop.
> Today, only Find/Change and Replace Font are there; the rest have
> evaporated. Oh sure, I can reopen them from their menus. But why does my
> workspace change without cause? Obviously it's a huge waste of time to open
> palettes every day (or random days, since I never know when this will
> happen).
> Thanks,
> Karen
> I don't know why they disappear, but the way to restore them quickly is to
> set them up the way you like and then Save the workspace with a suitable
> name. Then when things go wonky, just choose the Reset command.  (All done
> from the workspace dropdown menu at the right end of the menu bar.)
> HTH,
> --
> Stuart Rogers
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> Phoenix Geophysics Limited
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> Toronto, ON, Canada  M1W 3K5+1 (416) 491-7340 x 325

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