Thanks for reminding me about that quirky workspaces thing.

Restoring to a saved workspace is completely unintuitive. Apparently one
must choose "Reset Workspace." at which point one is presented with a scary
alert that asks if you're sure you want to reset the chosen workspace to
its original layout.

To me, using "reset" implies reverting to the factory default, not
restoring something I customized. And the alert seems to support that I am
doing just that--setting it back to what it was originally, not to the
customized version that is, for some reason, not now visible (even though,
BTW, that custom workspace's name is visible in the window bar on the
workspace button--I don't have to pull the drop-down to see it).

For Adobe-ites reading the forum and working on the next version of this
interface, I should be able to see a button, menu item, etc. to "Restore
Custom Workspace... " [with shortcut!] and then perhaps be presented with a
list of the ones I've saved.

HTH and Thanks,

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