Hi Linda,


It depends on how integrated the existing PDF is with the FM content. You
can import individual pages from an existing PDF into FrameMaker pages.
However, FrameMaker is not able to pick up any of the content of the
imported PDF pages for generated files and bookmarks, etc.


Like most everything else, some of this can be fixed with FrameScript. For
example, with stock FrameMaker, you can only import a single PDF page at a
time from a multi-page PDF. With FrameScript, you could import the entire
PDF with one command. Also, with a script, you could import incorporate
headings and page numbers from the PDF and "hide" them in your FrameMaker
document so you can get TOCs, bookmarks, cross-references, etc. to work with
the imported PDF content. If you are interested in exploring what is
possible, please contact me off-list.




Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.






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FM 10

Acrobat X Pro

Win 7


I need to incorporate an existing and lengthy PDF file into the PDF file
that I'll generate from the FM content I've written. 


At least for the foreseeable future, it won't be possible to incorporate the
source content of the existing PDF into FM to be able to generate a single
PDF file.


Is it possible to incorporate that existing PDF , as is, into the PDF that
I'll generate, so that the TOC, page numbering, etc. will all be there for
both PDFs? If yes, how?


If not, how would I create a link to that PDF in FM that will work from the
generated PDF? I think I've done it before, but it's been a long, long time.



Thanks in advance!


Linda G. Gallagher
STC Fellow
TechCom Plus, LLC - celebrating 20 years!
lindag at techcomplus dot com
www.techcomplus.com <http://www.techcomplus.com/>  
303-450-9076 or 800-500-3144
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