Matt, thanks for the advise, but I think you misunderstood. My client wants a Word template that matches my Frame template. I don't plan to "parcel" out the work; I'm doing it myself. As the subject line indicates, I want to collaborate with a Word guru, so my post was to find a Word guru on the Framer's list because I'll also be converting the Word-formatted documents to FM. Someone who regularly uses both programs will be able to see both sides of the equation. I just need to ask the Word person some questions, much as I've done with you on RoboHelp. I'm willing to pay for someone's time. I gave an example of the template's numbering scheme to dissuade people who have not mastered Word's numbering from responding. I've had a couple people respond off list, which was what I asked for, so I'm good now. This list is a godsend not only for FM users, but also for folks who have other skills!


At 02:29 PM 8/30/2013, Matt Sullivan wrote:
Hi Carol, perhaps you'd be well-advised to break up the two functions and parcel the work out separately.

I've created many effective Word templates that work properly when imported into FrameMakerÂ…it's really more of a function of the style names than the physical attributes of the Word DOT.

Once you have the "proper clean slate" as a DOCX, you can then format as necessary within Word itself.

Of course, the less formatting on the Word side, the better, but perhaps that's better than waiting for someone who "likes" both Fm and Word...


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