I'm using FM11 on a Win7 box. I spent yesterday writing content for a new chapter in a book, thus there is no backup from a previous day. Nor did I print a copy of the in-progress chapter before I quit for the evening. When I shut down last night, Framemaker was happy with the chapter. This morning, FM crashes immediately upon opening the file. The generated error log file is not helpful; it reports several internal errors with multi-digit meaningless numbers. The crash is duplicated when opening the file on my laptop running the same OS and FM version.

To test if it might be a corrupted graphic, I renamed the referenced graphics folder and told FM to ignore missing graphics when opening the file. The file still crashed FM.

At this point, I desperately need to get access to the content of the file so that I can copy the text that I've already written and start over. Is there some other way to open this file and get at the ASCII text?


Carol J. Elkins---A Written Word LLC
Making Information Understandable
Phone: 719-948-3773


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